Upset pitbull

Pit bull location

Dogs bark; but last night we had a barking dog that was extremely annoying to all of the surrounding neighbors.  I heard the dog from a block away.  I guess somebody called the police to do something about this nuisance.  I heard there was a deputy in town around 10 pm.

It was around midnight when I left the local tavern and noticed that the dog was still crying for help.  This was a new dog in town with an unknown owner.  It was very dark and I had a flashlight.  The temperature was around 35 degrees and the dog had no shelter from the cold.  He was growling at me and warning me not to come any closer.  My liquid courage enabled me to get his chain off of the tree stump and lead him to the ally.  He tried to rush me a couple of times and bite me from behind.  After walking a couple of blocks he started to smile a little bit.  Within 15 minutes I had him home on my couch licking my ears.  He slept in a kennel last night with a blanket.

I returned him this morning and spoke with one of the owners.  This situation will not be happening again.