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Philip Geier
Philip Geier holding a farrel kitten he domesticated lol 🐈

Was up everyone! My name is Philip Geier and I helped put up this website for the town of Monroe about 8 years ago. Right now I’m updating and adding things to this website. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments or contact me here.

I’m have Webmaster Services available like putting up websites .com .net .org …, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Backlinks, YouTube, Facebook, most other social media, rank high in Google always, lots of online presence tips. I can help you get known and even famous whether its a buisness name or you as a person!

These are some of the brands I have and things I’m doing around the web: – My brand new website where I will be talking alot about mobile games.

Wiki Ryu on YouTube My very new YouTube channel where I put up mostly videos of mobile games. – I put up this website to sell my webmaster services. Not much on it right now, but will add more services when I get time. I’m thinking about doing online events to give out free info like how to get subscribers easy and make easy money online targeting keywords and backlinks. – I started this website to help connect buisness and community in the local area. It’s work in progress and I’m very busy so mot much content. It’s very popular though and I barely told anyone lol. Basically, most businesses can use more online presence and will do just that. Check back for updates. Contact us to add your buisness to website or guest post. – My new/old website that was damaged by my host when changing hosting plans. The traffic went way down so I jumped ship and started

TipTru on YouTube – My old YouTube channel attached to that suffered a massive traffic reduction due to an SSL error. I just started a new brand channel called Wiki Ryu so no more new videos on this channel.

Philip Geier on Facebook Add/Follow – This is my personal Facebook that’s open to the public. Add or follow! – See all the stuff I’ve posted on this website here.

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