Duel Rocks Jakes Place

20150515 DuelRocksJakesPlace


Amazing performance by this young man and his band, you can follow them on facebook at this link: DuelRocks

I remember many years ago when Duel’s mom Terri brought her son to the Monroe bar on Saturday night to sing karaoke with the grown ups.  He was a little shit that had apparently inherited his mom’s talent for music.  He started out singing a song one night and must have enjoyed the experience of being up on stage.  Soon he became a regular singing a lot.  Roger Ness and I have the same memory of him singing a Guns & Roses song called Paradise City and he really got into the song.  At one point he was laying on the floor vibrating while singing; the crowd was both laughing and in aaaw at the same time.  Well he has refined his skills since then and he still sings Paradise City in his performances.

Last night I was sitting in the front as you can see from the picture and I felt like I was witnessing a major rock band that could easily be in a packed house in Sanford’s new auditorium.  It was a surreal night and I am happy to have been a part of it.