Dolton Cleanup



On Monday morning 6/22/2015 Dolton was hit by a storm front that had high straight line winds.  Their town was  badly damaged with many trees either uprooted or broken.  The county stepped in and brought dump trucks and loaders and began the process of clearing the debris right away.  All of the power lines were repaired within a couple of days.

Our city council got together with the fire chief Ben Visser and decided to lend a hand as well.  We started Friday evening with a thorough mosquito spraying treatment of the town.  Then on Saturday morning 6/27/2015 we assembled community volunteers to aid in the cleanup process.  In the picture above you can see our town’s dump truck being filled by Benton Visser’s skid loader.

It was a long hot day of running chain saws and dragging branches.  Kyle Carr even drug trees with his truck down the streets to the repository site on the North side of Dolton.  We broke for lunch and enjoyed a nice meal that was prepared by the ladies of Dolton.

I would like to thank everyone who came to answer the call for help that day.  The residents of Dolton appreciated our help as well.