Community Hall Bathroom


We have a mold problem.  It started a few months ago when a slightly overweight person leaned on the toiled to clean it.  We noticed an excess of water and a 3 inch mold spot during the June meeting.  I installed new parts in the mens room toilet after that.  But during the July meeting there was a larger drip and a lot more mold.  Then we cut out sections of drywall on both sides of the wall.

I cut out 2 pieces in the mens room.  A 2 by 2 foot section; and a 2 by 3 foot section.  And the womens room required a 4 by 8 ft cutout.

We sprayed everything down with a mold killing liquid.  Then painted the studs with a mold killing paint.  Then painted the backside of the new mold resistant drywall with the mold killing paint.

The women’s room vanity was water damaged and moldy as well.  We will need a new vanity cabinet.  As of right now the new walls are up and have been coated with tape and 6 layers of mud.  Today Dave Kleinsasser and myself will finish the drywall portion of the project and should be ready for priming and painting tomorrow.