Jun 092022

We had a Spring storm that not only took power out for some of the town but also toppled over our previous park Playset. That playset has been replaced with a smaller one that is more Sturdy and safer. It was donated by Kerwin and Becky Buseman. Without their donated playset we would have nothing in that area. So if u see Kerwin and/or Becky around town – give them a big thanks.

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Nov 172021

Monroe Town Board

Meeting Agenda

Location: Monroe Community Hall

Date: November 18, 2021

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Municipal Calendar

Adopt Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports

Public Comment


Old Business

Task Force report



New Business

Building permits

Medical Cannabis

Alcohol License

Bills Presented for Payment

Addy Disposal (trash pickup) $851.50, Troy Melloon (pr) $465.44, Brad McCoy (pr) $92.35, Mark Begeman (pr) $92.35, Ron Grennell (pr) $323.22, Robin Dykstra (pr) $230.87, Nate Buskohl (pr) $150.06, Tim Dewitt (pr) $39.24, Marlow Contracting (windows) $3214.29,SDPAA (INS) $1352.29, A-1 Septic (equipment rent) $392.86, Marion Oil (Repairs) $539.42,  Xcel Energy (streetlights) $488.52, Xcel Energy (hall/park) $49.46, New century Press (ads) $200.43, City of Marion (dump Fees) $15.00, Northwestern Energy (hall heat) $49.07, IRS (payroll Tax) $606.65,

Executive Session

Next Meeting


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Jul 072021

We are calling a special meeting to discuss an extreme cat situation that has come to our attention. We will be meeting Thursday July 8th @ 7:30 PM.

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Apr 182021

Our late chip seal last fall in combination with snow removal this winter has resulted in an excess of pink rock chips residing along side our streets. We are contracting to have the rocks swept back into the roads. For some this idea may seem stressful due to concerns of damage being done to your grass. We will be placing flags alongside the roads where we plan on sweeping. If you do not want your grass swept then remove the flag and throw it away. The sweeping is scheduled to start Saturday 4/24/2021.

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Apr 182021

We will be hosting a couple city wide cleanup days. All you have to do is place your items at the edge of your property near the street. Volunteers will pickup your items and place them into the city dump truck. The dump truck will empty at the Marion Rubble site (google marionsd.com/rubblesite for details).

Our first pickup day will be Saturday 4/24/2021 starting at noon and will be for tree branches. The second pickup will be Saturday 5/1/2021 starting at noon and will be for “white goods” (appliances)
and items that can be unloaded in “the hole” .

Also a lunch will be served from 11 am to 1 pm (4/24/2021) at the community hall. All are welcome.

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Mar 012021

Monroe Town Board

Meeting Agenda

Location: Monroe Community Hall

Date: March 4, 2021

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Appointment of new trustee

Oath of Office

New Signature card for Rivers Edge Bank

New signature cards for Merchant State Bank

Executive Session


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Nov 182020

Notice of hearing on variance application for 109 Maple Street West

Monday, November 30, 2020 @ 7:30 PM

Location: Community Hall

Variance is to build a 12×8 porch and a 12×8 deck on the east side of the trailer house. Porch and deck will be 6 inches from the east property line instead of the required 7 feet.

The second portion of the variance will be the roof overhang which will be 6″ instead of the required 12″. The edge of the overhang will be on the property line.

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Oct 252020

The city council along with volunteers hosted a second cleanup day. This time construction rubble and metal items were picked up. The limitations for the types of items that we can pick up is determined by the Marion rubble site rules. (see https://marionsd.com/rubblesite)

It was a successful day again with the use of 3 dump trucks and a tractor with a grappler claw. Thanks to all who helped and for the equipment brought.

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Oct 252020

Ellen Buskohl approached the city council last year with a proposal to redo the landscaping around the community center. With a lot of effort on her part and her peers, the project is showing completion. First she removed the old rock garden and battled the weeds and volunteer trees. Then with funding provided by the 125th Committee a concrete curb was laid around both the community hall and the fire hall. Then an industrial strength underlay was placed and the old rocks were washed and relaid. The hard work shows a lot of community pride and dedication to making our town a nice place to live. Thank You Ellen and your peers for your efforts and a big thanks to the 125th Committee for paying the $1700 invoice for the curb.

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Oct 232020

Vast is upgrading their lines to fiber optic. They will be providing Internet, TV, Phone and Automation services to our community. With this upgrade your internet speed will be considerably faster! To learn more or sign up visit http://connect.VASTbroadband.com

These little green boxes are the fiber optic enclosures. Here is a map for all of them within our town. http://www.monroesouthdakota.com/Plots/Monroe%20pdf%20fiber%20map.pdf

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