Jan 292021

Monroe Town Board of Trustees

Minutes of Proceedings

January 21, 2021

The Town of Monroe held their regular meeting January 21, 2021 at 7:30 P.M. President Melloon called the meeting to order and roll call was taken. Present were Brad McCoy and Troy Melloon.

President Melloon asked for any corrections or additions to the agenda, McCoy added shoveling walks to new business. McCoy made a motion to adopt the amended agenda, seconded by Melloon, motion carried.  

The December 2020 financial report was read by Ron Grennell. A motion was made by McCoy to accept the financial report, seconded to by Melloon motion carried.

The meeting minutes from the December 10, 2020 meeting were read and discussed. Motioned by McCoy, seconded to by Melloon to accept the Minutes. Motion carried.

Ron Grennell made a statement thanking everyone that came out to vote during the recall election. He stated that out of 97 registered voters 60 participated. He noted that there was a mistake made in the paper, it was reported that 90 people voted instead of 60. He stated that he would appreciate it if the paper would make a correction.

President Melloon made a statement that some people had an issue with the way the election was being run and that the finance officer had several harassing phone calls. He stated that any communications need to be by letter or e-mail. He had also received harassing calls and this needs to stop. Communications could also be between their lawyer and the city attorney.

The meeting was opened for Public Comment by President Melloon.

Mike Feste – commented that the information he had requested was a list of who voted and not how they voted. He received this information from the courthouse.

Wendy Feste – commented that people were parking too close to the intersections again and she was worried about safety. McCoy responded safety is an issue for him too and that they would go knocking on doors to get it cleaned up.


City office – options were discussed, and no decision was made at this time.

125th Fund – Ben Biel asked if the original $5,000.00 had been loaned or given to the 125th committee. The finance officer responded that it was a loan. The meeting minutes between 2011 and July of 2020 did not state that the money had been repaid or forgiven by the town board. Ben wanted to know if the committee was going to repay the loan. The finance officer replied that it was a decision that the board was going to have to make. He stated that Brad McCoy was accused of stealing the money and co-mingling it when if fact it was the city’s money. The finance officer stated that he was told by the auditor that because the bank account was opened using the city’s EIN, that any money in that account should have been returned to the general fund after the event.


Sand – McCoy made a motion to purchase 12 tons of sand with salt, seconded by Melloon motion carried.

Stop sign – the stop sign on west street is missing and will be replaced.

Cost of Election – per the finance officer the cost of the recall election is currently $537.68 this included the ads in the paper, payment to the election board, and lunch for the election board.

Mike Feste – asked where the fees came from. He stated that $7.00 per page was too high. President Melloon said that the fee would be changed, and a refund would be issued.

Wendy Feste – asked about zoom meetings for people that have trouble standing. President Melloon stated that accommodations could be made for her. Brad McCoy stated that zoom meetings were not possible until internet is installed at the community hall. Zoom meetings will be added to the February agenda.

Shoveling walks – it was suggested that the snow removal team needs to clear the walks around the hall and the fire department doors.

Utility Bills – Motion was made by McCoy to have the Xcel Energy and Northwestern Energy bills paid by auto pay, seconded by Melloon motion carried.

Bills presented for payment: Maggie DeWitt $150.00 (election), Jesse Paschal $150 (election), Cindy Melloon $150 (election), Addy Disposal $751.00 (Dec pickup), Troy Melloon $46.17(pr), Brad McCoy $46.17(pr), Dave Kleinsasser $189.31(pr), Ron Grennell $161.61 (pr), Robin Dykstra $184.70 (pr), Nate Buskohl $323.22 (pr), Xcel Energy $488.72 (street lights), New Century Press $105.88 (ad’s), Northwester Energy $88.28 (hall heat), State of South Dakota Dept of Legislative Audit $2235.00 (audit), SD Federal Property Agency $1949.50 (sander & tools), Lake Time Steakhouse $48.00 (election lunch).

Executive Session – was called by president Melloon.

City Salaries –

Council Members: regular meeting $100, special meetings $40, general labor $10/hr.

Finance Officer: $350 monthly, special meetings $40, elections $150.

Sewer Operator $50/week.

Snow Removal Team: starting wage $12.50/hr, each consecutive year is an automatic $1.00/hr raise, maximum rate is $20/hr.

Dave Kleinsasser @ $17.50/hr, Troy Melloon @$17.50/hr, Brad McCoy @ $15.50/hr, Mike Kiggins @ $14.50/hr, Curt Wiens @ $13.50/hr, Scott Person @ $13.50/hr, Lenny Ortmann @17.50/hr, Nate Buskohl @12.50/hr.

Maintenance Person: wage follows the same scale as snow removal. Maintenance hours maximum per month is 15 hours, in order to pay more than 15 hours a council motion will be required.

Mosquito Straying: $40 per spray.

Motion was made by McCoy to adopt the 2021 salary policy, seconded to by Melloon, Motion carried.

The next regular meeting will be February 18, 2021 at 7:30pm.

McCoy made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Melloon, Motion carried.

President Melloon adjourned at 9:27pm.

Minutes transcribed from audio recording by Ronald Grennell.

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