Broken power pole


The whole town lost power yesterday morning around 7 am when the storm came through.  Around 11 am half of the town had their power back on.  My house is on the side of town that is still without power today which is day 2 at 11 am.

Aside from minor inconveniences like washing clothes and cooking food; we have been okay.  The main concern has been frozen foods.  I have moved my generator to 4 different addresses.

Our main street had an interesting scenario.  The south side had power and the North side did not.  And our Christmas tree outlets are fed from the south side and the poles are on both sides.  Therefore the north side poles had power about 15 feet up.  So 2 residents and the bar tapped into the outlets for their freezers and refrigerators.  The only trick was to tape off the sensor that was designed to turn the lights on only at night.