Broadway Wash & Shine New Laundromat & Car Wash in Marion, SD

There is a new laundromat and car wash in Marion, SD called Broadway Wash & Shine! The laundromat has 4 washers of varying price and 2 big dryers. The car wash should be open soon, but you can use the Express Vacuum.

Broadway Wash & Shine

Address & Phone #

801 N Broadway Marion, SD 57043


Broadway Wash and Shine Laundromat & Car Wash


Everything is open 24/7!

Laundromat Prices

Machines only take credit and debit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Broadway Wash & Shine Car Wash Payment Card Only

1 Small Washer is $4.50 per load.

2 Medium Washers are $6.50 per load.

1 Large Washer is $9.50 per load.

2 Large Dryers are $2.00 for 20 minutes. I would recommend using the dryer on high heat to save cash, but you run the risk of shrinkage. If you leave your laundry in the dryer for a few minutes after your time is up you get a free short wrinkle free cycle!

Detergent is $1.50 per load. I went to Donlans and got 20 loads with Oxy for under $5.

Fabric Softener Sheets are $1.50 for 2 loads.

Broadway Wash and Shine in Marion, SD

Car Wash Prices

Car Wash is still under construction. If everything goes to plan it might be open around August 12th, 2023.

Has electric dryers!

Express Vacuum is pay as you go and takes cards, coins and bills including $1, $5, $10 and $20. It looks like if you use coins or cash the vacuum will turn off automatically. If you use cards it will keep billing you until stopped.


Everything’s very new and clean and I think I’m the very first person to do laundry here! Had to get in here before people started washing their poopy pants and farm stuff. Update, it’s been open since Monday July 10th and I’m not the first person to use the place on July 15th. It’s so new and clean!

Finally, we have a local laundromat! I was wondering for awhile what the heck they were building over here and now I know. I will definitely be coming back to do more laundry in the near future.


I found someones credit card on top of a washer while I was talking to one of the owners. He said he knew the person and it was the 3rd time this week it happened, its Saturday, different people, not the same person 3 times lol. So be careful and don’t forget your card!


Broadway Wash & Shine Car Wash , opens  Aug 12ish
There waiting on parts for car wash so hopefully around Aug 12th the car wash will be open.
Broadway Wash & Shine Bathroom
There is 1 large bathroom
Broadway Wash & Shine Express Vacuum ControlsPrice

Broadway Wash & Shine Express Vacuum Controls & Price

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