Apr 252019


This door would not open any longer.  The concrete slab lifted up enough to cause thus problem.  We fixed the problem by driving the tractor onto the slab.  Now the door opens again.

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Aug 102018


This is the women’s restroom.  The vanity is identical to the Men’s room.

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Aug 102018

Mens room looks fantastic.  Luke plumbing and heating installed the toilet and sink faucet today.  Christy Person cleaned the hall later in the afternoon.


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Aug 082018

Ann and Alley Beil painted the new walls in both bathrooms. Ben and i picked up a couple new vanities too.

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Aug 082018

Jim Ketwig installed a new generator today at the town hall.  The previous generator has not been operational for a long long time.  We bought a like unit to keep costs down.  This new unit cost $3,000 Installed.20180808_194739

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Aug 082018

Ellen Buskohl and Pat Berg have spent a lot of time thus past month cleaning around the town hall.  Thank You ladies it looks very nice!


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