Jun 092019

I planted this little guy just a few weeks ago out in the shelter belt. He and 23 others are out there and blooming nicely. They are hidden by the grass right now; but they are coming.

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May 262019

I planted 23 more trees this year in our shelter belt. This time i changed up the varieties a little bit; 5 golden willows, 5 Silver Maple, 5 Black Walnut, 5 Native CottonWood and 5 Eastern Red Cedar. This years trees are marked with little pink flags.

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May 262019


We had a 12 inch diameter hole in the road this spring. Inside of the hole was a much larger cavity; big enough to fit a bicycle. We hired a local contractor to dig out the old culvert and replace it with a new one.

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Apr 252019

This roads have been broken up in many spots throughout our town.  The weather conditions must have been unique this spring to cause damage to roads that has not been seen in at least the past two decades.  You could hop on a soft spot and see the road surface squish from your weight.  It was sponge like.  All it took was a heavy vehicle to drive on it and sink right through and break the surface.  Some spots seem to wrinkle.  Underneath the road is just wet mud.  We have a serious problem facing our community.

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Apr 252019


This door would not open any longer.  The concrete slab lifted up enough to cause thus problem.  We fixed the problem by driving the tractor onto the slab.  Now the door opens again.

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Aug 102018


This is the women’s restroom.  The vanity is identical to the Men’s room.

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