Jun 272020

Its hard not to notice this flower bed. It plants a memory into my head that connects to a wonderful person who has spent a lot of her time creating this scene. Thank You Donna! You are very appreciated.

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Apr 102020
Roll Call
Adopt Agenda
Executive Session
CD Rollover Policy
Appropriations Ordinance
Ron Cadwallder building permit
Recall Petition
Executive Session

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Jul 212019


The whole town lost power yesterday morning around 7 am when the storm came through.  Around 11 am half of the town had their power back on.  My house is on the side of town that is still without power today which is day 2 at 11 am.

Aside from minor inconveniences like washing clothes and cooking food; we have been okay.  The main concern has been frozen foods.  I have moved my generator to 4 different addresses.

Our main street had an interesting scenario.  The south side had power and the North side did not.  And our Christmas tree outlets are fed from the south side and the poles are on both sides.  Therefore the north side poles had power about 15 feet up.  So 2 residents and the bar tapped into the outlets for their freezers and refrigerators.  The only trick was to tape off the sensor that was designed to turn the lights on only at night.

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Jun 242019


We had an opportunity to test the hydraulic extrication tools. For some of us this was a new experience. For others it was a good refreshment exercise. We first broke out the side windows using a special clicker tool; they easily shattered. Then we broke out the front windshield using axes. And finally the rear window using another tool. Two of us learned the hard way that gloves are required when breaking glass. we cut the top off using a big heavy pair of hydraulic scissors. This was a little slower process than I remember from previous exercises. We are going to be looking into an equipment “tune up” to help improve this step. Next we forcibly opened the doors using a big hydraulic spreader tool. This is an amazing tool that no door can defeat. It seems to be powerful enough to bend the frame of the car if necessary. The next step was to lift the steering wheel up and off of our trapped teddy bear. This was done with 2 hydraulic rams that were placed in each front door. This was a technique we learned from a trainer a few years ago. As you can see in the picture above; the entire car was lifted and bent upward during this step. In conclusion; we are probably not going to be the fastest fire department for this type of save; but we have the equipment and some basic training on “how to” do it. And we can cut, pry and bend and break a car in a variety of ways to free a trapped person.

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Jun 092019

I planted this little guy just a few weeks ago out in the shelter belt. He and 23 others are out there and blooming nicely. They are hidden by the grass right now; but they are coming.

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May 262019

I planted 23 more trees this year in our shelter belt. This time i changed up the varieties a little bit; 5 golden willows, 5 Silver Maple, 5 Black Walnut, 5 Native CottonWood and 5 Eastern Red Cedar. This years trees are marked with little pink flags.

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