Jul 212022

Monroe Town Board

Meeting Agenda

Location: Monroe Community Hall

Date: July 21, 2022

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Municipal Calendar

Adopt Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports

Public Comment


Old Business

Surplus Equipment-

Special Assessment-

New Business

Building permits-

Dave Mammenga -property to the south of him

Fire Department – pancake feed


Bills Presented for Payment

Dana Kilmer (mowing) $99.50, Christy Person (grant) $2500.00, A-1 Pumping (equipment rental) $319.50, Xcel Energy (hall/park) $51.14, New Century Press (ads) $264.79, Dave Mammenga (lagoon spraying) $168.00, SD 811 (callouts) $51.45, Addy Disposal (trash pickup) $851.50, Troy Melloon (pr) $92.35, Brad McCoy (pr) $92.35, Mark Begeman (pr) $92.35, Ron Grennell (pr) $323.22, Robin Dykstra (pr) $230.87, Nate Buskohl (pr) $103.89, Tim Dewitt (pr) $78.13, Ron Grennell (rent) $100, Xcel Energy (streetlights) $481.66, , SD DOR (sales tax) $54.27, IRS (payroll tax) $567.74, SD Dept of Labor (State Unemployment) $9.96, Northwestern Energy (hall heat) $61.41.

Executive Session

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