Agenda 1/21/2021

Agenda for 1/21/2021

Monroe Town Board

Meeting Agenda

Location: Monroe Community Hall

Date: January 21, 2021

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Adopt Agenda

Financial Report

Meeting Minutes

Public Comment

Old Business

City Office –

125th Fund –

New Business

Sand –

Stop sign –

Cost of Election –

Mike Feste – Town Concerns

Wendy Feste – Town Concerns

Bills presented for payment: Maggie DeWitt $150.00 (election), Jesse Paschal $150 (election), Cindy Melloon $150 (election), Addy Disposal $751.00 (Dec pickup), Troy Melloon $46.17(pr), Brad McCoy $46.17(pr), Dave Kleinsasser $189.31(pr), Ron Grennell $161.61 (pr), Robin Dykstra $184.70 (pr), Nate Buskohl $323.22 (pr), Xcel Energy $488.72 (street lights), New Century Press $105.88 (ad’s), Northwester Energy $88.28 (hall heat), State of South Dakota Dept of Legislative Audit $2235.00 (audit), SD Federal Property Agency $1949.50 (sander & tools), Lake Time Steakhouse $48.00 (election lunch)

Executive Session

Employee Salaries –

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