11/12/20 Agenda

Agenda for 11/12/20

Monroe Town Board

Meeting Agenda

Location: Monroe Community Hall

Date: November 12,2020

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Adopt Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Public Comment

Old Business

Electrical work-

Cares Act-

Surplus Fuel Tank –

City Computer –

Bank Accounts –

New Business

Tim Dewitt variance

Next Meeting

Bills presented for payment

Ellen Buskohl (Hall) $3848.65 (125th Fund), Nate Buskohl(cutting edge) $249, Troy Melloon (snow removal) $706.65, The Road Guy (chip seal) $24043.90, Troy Melloon (ratchet Straps) $12.33, Duncan Law Firm $157.50, Schmidt Country (Parts & Suplies) $272.84, Marion Oil $214.28, City of Marion (DumpFees) $45.00, New Century Press (ads) $175.13, Marion Machine (parts) 10.68, Napa Auto Parts (parts) $378.30, Xcel Energy (Hall, Park, & Street Lights) $539.50, Robin Dykstra (pr) $184.70, Troy Melloon (pr) $46.18, Brad McCoy (pr) $46.18, Dave Kleinsasser (pr) $46.18, Ron Grennell (pr) $161.61, Nate Buskohl (pr) $1004.31, SD One Call $50.40, Brad McCoy (Receipts) $129.95, SD DOR (sales tax) $57.88.

Executive Session